Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My (first) Big Day Downtown

Let's start this off with a bit of an explanation. I've been selected, amongst approximately 30 other personalities, to be part of the Big Day Downtown promotion put on by the Downtown Halifax Business Commission. They gave me a $100 Visa gift card that I can spend however I like, as long as I spend it in downtown Halifax. I spend most of my days in downtown Halifax, working here and everything, so I thought I could give this a run for its money, so to speak.

I have been musing about how I should spend the $100. Should I blow it all on something big? Should I make it last over a week (or more)? Should my purchases have some sort of theme to them, or should they have no commonality except that I made them all? I'm still not really sure what I'm going to do; there have been a few themes that have had a commanding presence in my life lately. 

One of those themes is fitness. I haven't written about it much here (actually, I don't think I've written about it at all here), but from January 2009 to March 2010, I lost about 120lbs. However, I think Scott over at Your Inner Skinny has that theme covered. As an off-shoot of the fitness theme, I also thought about spending my money as a cyclist. I've been commuting from Clayton Park to downtown on my bike since March. Yes, back then, it was really, really cold. In addition to Ideal Bikes, M.E.C. now has a bike shop, so I might be able to make a go of it, but it would probably fall more into the "blow it all at once category".

I ended up deciding to just try new things downtown that I wouldn't necessarily have tried otherwise, for no other reason than I couldn't decide to do any of the other ideas that I had. My first stop on the whirlwind tour that is Steve's spending of $100 downtown was Cafe Ristretto in Bishop's Landing. I got my standard large dark roast coffee. Wasn't the best coffee I've ever had, but it was only a drip coffee and not espresso-based. It certainly got me out of my caffeine-deprived funk. I had co-worker recommend the Trident as the best coffee in the city, so maybe I'll try that in the future.

If you've got any suggestions as to how I should spend my hard-earned free money, hit me up in the comments of this blog or on Twitter.

Cafe Ristretto large coffee + tip:  $2.75
Left to spend: $97.25

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Jill Mader said...

You should definitely try Trident for coffee. Have you tried the Wired Monk and Uncommon Grounds? They're a couple of my favorite downtown coffee spots as well. (I kicked off my Big Day Downtown with Uncommon Grounds).

Steve Dinn said...

I <3 Uncommon Grounds, but unfortunately, they've closed the two locations that were closest to my work: the one in the basement of 1801 Hollis and the one on Argyle St. I used to go there on daily basis. Hell, more like a semi-daily basis. Now I find I'm frequenting Just Us Coffee on Barrington.

I do have to get to the's just a bit outside of my usual radius.