Friday, September 7, 2007

An open letter to the Firefox developers

Dear Firefox developers:

I get the feeling I'm probably alone in my criticism on this particular issue, but bear with me :)

In order to maintain a super-human level of productivity, I typically use a combination of right-hand mouse and left-hand keyboard when I browse the web. (Please, no jokes about one-handed typing.) So, if I right-click, I'll usually hit the hotkey for an item rather than moving the mouse down to click on it. Click, key-press is almost always faster than right-click, move mouse, left-click.

My problem, or rather my annoyance, is this: Why are the hotkeys for the right-click menu on a link not the same as the hotkeys for the right-click menu on a bookmark? My most common action when right-clicking is to open the link (or bookmark) in a new tab. For a link, the hotkey for "Open in New Tab" is T. Guess what T is when you right-click on a bookmark. CUT. So instead of opening my bookmark, I've removed it. Wow, that's awesome :)

Now, I understand that T is the time-honoured, traditional hotkey for the cut action, but couldn't we have the same key for both menus? The bookmark menu's "Open in New Tab" hotkey is W. That seems like a nice letter. Honestly, I don't care what keys they are, as long as they're consistent across all the right-click menus.

I hope I haven't bored you.

Thanks for reading this,

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