Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Halifax Pop Explosion 2007 schedule

Holy kick-ass, Batman. A cursory glance at the Halifax Pop Explosion's schedule lets the casual observer know that this year's HPX is gonna blow the doors off you.

In addition to Polaris Prize nominee bands the Besnard Lakes and Miracle Fortress, Eric's Trip have confirmed to play at the Pop Explosion. The Moncton-based SubPop signees will be headlining the finale show on Saturday night at the Marquee Club. We can also look forward to shows by the Apostle of Hustle, Windom Earle, and two already-sold-out performances by Tegan and Sara. I hope you got your tickets.

With shows at 13 separate venues over 5 days, even the most curmudgeonly show-goer can find something to suit his or her tastes. I know I'll be running between bars like a crazy person trying to catch all my favourites. It's happened every year so far, and there's no reason to assume it won't happen again this time.

See you there!

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