Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Halifax Pop Explosion 2007 schedule

Holy kick-ass, Batman. A cursory glance at the Halifax Pop Explosion's schedule lets the casual observer know that this year's HPX is gonna blow the doors off you.

In addition to Polaris Prize nominee bands the Besnard Lakes and Miracle Fortress, Eric's Trip have confirmed to play at the Pop Explosion. The Moncton-based SubPop signees will be headlining the finale show on Saturday night at the Marquee Club. We can also look forward to shows by the Apostle of Hustle, Windom Earle, and two already-sold-out performances by Tegan and Sara. I hope you got your tickets.

With shows at 13 separate venues over 5 days, even the most curmudgeonly show-goer can find something to suit his or her tastes. I know I'll be running between bars like a crazy person trying to catch all my favourites. It's happened every year so far, and there's no reason to assume it won't happen again this time.

See you there!

Arrrr...It be talk like a pirate day!

Avast, ye landlubbers, for it be Talk Like a Pirate Day! Yarrrr, September the 19th every year be designated the one where ye can let out yer inner pirate. Shiver me timbers, blow me down, and hopefully you don't have to walk the plank ;)

Now I must be off because those damn kids be after me buried treasure.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How do you use a bag?

I picked up a courier-style bag from a friend, and it had a weird clip on it. I wrote to MEC to figure out how to use it. They have very courteous and friendly customer service.


I recently picked up the Brenta Courier Bag (used) from a friend of mine. I like the bag, but I think I need an instruction manual for this crazy buckle on the side. I would like to take full advantage of all this bag has to offer, but I am no courier and I can't figure out how it works.

Is there any kind of literature for this bag? Like a PDF that I can download or something? Anything would help.

Steve Dinn


Hi Steve,

Thanks for the email.

I have a Brenta bag and a few others that use that crazy buckle. I think by that you mean the large one that adjusts the length of the main carry strap.

I don't have a PDF or other documentation on it but don't find it that hard to use. Usually you simply lift the large plastic tab (sort of like very old school car or airplane seat buckles) and simply slide the strap up or down to make the overall length adjustment. This creates a loop below the buckle (especially when the strap length is fairly short), but is very secure for carrying heavy loads and produces not long trailing end of excess strap that can get caught in things.

There is also of course the cross body strap that needs adjustment. Essentially the smaller strap just triangulates the other strap keeping the bag stable, but can be undone easily so that the bag can be slung down to the side or front of your body to access the contents or just to wear at your side, not on your back. This strap should meet the other strap at your sternum, roughly.

The defacto standard in Courier bags is the Timbuk2 brand, and I have found a link on their site that shows how to wear their bags which are very similar to ours and use the same buckle type.

Please let me know if you have more questions.

Friday, September 7, 2007

An open letter to the Firefox developers

Dear Firefox developers:

I get the feeling I'm probably alone in my criticism on this particular issue, but bear with me :)

In order to maintain a super-human level of productivity, I typically use a combination of right-hand mouse and left-hand keyboard when I browse the web. (Please, no jokes about one-handed typing.) So, if I right-click, I'll usually hit the hotkey for an item rather than moving the mouse down to click on it. Click, key-press is almost always faster than right-click, move mouse, left-click.

My problem, or rather my annoyance, is this: Why are the hotkeys for the right-click menu on a link not the same as the hotkeys for the right-click menu on a bookmark? My most common action when right-clicking is to open the link (or bookmark) in a new tab. For a link, the hotkey for "Open in New Tab" is T. Guess what T is when you right-click on a bookmark. CUT. So instead of opening my bookmark, I've removed it. Wow, that's awesome :)

Now, I understand that T is the time-honoured, traditional hotkey for the cut action, but couldn't we have the same key for both menus? The bookmark menu's "Open in New Tab" hotkey is W. That seems like a nice letter. Honestly, I don't care what keys they are, as long as they're consistent across all the right-click menus.

I hope I haven't bored you.

Thanks for reading this,