Sunday, August 5, 2007

SappyFest: Day 2

Day two of SappyFest had a late start for me. Like I said in the last podcast, I was starving and I went looking for a diner at which I could get some breakfast. I found Mel's Tearoom on Main Street in downtown Sackville and grabbed a booth. The place wasn't even that crowded, but it seemed to take forever for me to get served. On the upside, ham and eggs and coffee only cost me $4.35.

I don't think I described my room very's a typical dorm room: single bed, desk, shelves, small closet, and a mini fridge. The only real problem I had was getting network connectivity. The wireless network here at Mount Allison goes through a gateway where you have to enter a username & password, but the wired network just lets you get online. Unfortunately, the network drop is not under the desk, where you think it'd be, but rather across the room, by the mini-fridge. The cable that I brought wasn't long enough to reach the desk while still being plugged in so I had to basically sit at the fridge in order to be online. I took my chance this morning while nothing was going on to drive up to Moncton (about 35 minutes away) to Futureshop to get an SD card reader and a 25' cat-5 cable. So, the upshot of that was that I was able to get some of my photos online and I'm now sitting at the desk :)

I missed two shows from Poisson D'Avril, the trapeze artist, but luckily she's putting on one more show tomorrow. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from those who have seen her show.

The weather in Moncton was something you just had to see. As I drove into town, there were numerous strikes of lightning in the sky, but no thunder, and no rain. On my way back to Sackville, I drove through some of the worst rain I have ever seen, but it stopped about 10 minutes before I got to the Sackville exit.

At 1700h, there was a show from Sappy's sister festival, Ok, Quoi? going on at the Sackville United Church. There was some wacky shit going down in there. The various classical-style instruments in the 'Motion Ensemble' were dishing out some experimental (and I mean ex-per-i-mental) sounds that I'm not sure were music, but they were certainly interesting. Certainly a break from the norm of even the fare from SappyFest. As I left this show, the rain finally caught up to Sackville.

As there was last night, there was an outdoor show scheduled for 1900h outside of Struts Gallery, and there was supposed to be a barbecue. If it was raining, I wasn't going to go, because as attendees of that Summer Rush concert know, watching music in the rain quickly becomes not much fun. Around 1930h, the rain let up and I ventured out. I'm glad I did, because I got to see the Superfantastics.

After the outdoor show, we migrated to the Vogue Theatre about two blocks away. This was fantastic because being located on a marsh, Sackville has more than its share of flies, and I am apparently fine dining for them. However, karma being what it is, it was hotter than hell's armpit in that theatre. I was sweating like it was going out of style and I ended up leaving after Rick White played, and I missed Ohbijou and Chad van Gaalen, who I really would have liked to see, but I just wasn't prepared to torture myself to see them.

I managed to get a great interview with Paul Henderson, one of the three main people behind SappyFest, but I forgot my microphone in the car, so the audio will have to wait until tomorrow.

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