Friday, August 3, 2007

Arrived in Sackville, N.B. for the Sappy Music Festival

I know it's been a long time since I've written anything on here...just about a month, but I figured that now that I'm actually doing something that it might be fun to post about it :) I have just made the slightly more than two hour drive to Sackville, New Brunswick from Halifax, and checked into my room at the Mount Allison University dorm (Windsor Hall, to be precise). It's hotter than an armpit in the sauna in here. But there's a dorm-sized fridge, so I've just plugged it in and left the door open. We'll see how good of an air conditioner it is. I have my doubts.

Anyway, I'm here in order to see various shows associated with the Sappy Records Music Festival. They even have "Sappy Fest" tacked on the bottom of the big sign on the highway that says "Welcome to Sackville". I managed to forget my SD card reader, but I am going to try downloading the drivers for my camera to see if I can get the photos off of it directly. Here's hoping I can pull it off.


Julie MacLeod said...

Your fridge a/c might work a little better if you put a fan in front of the fridge. ;)

Steve Dinn said...

Actually, due to the laws of thermodynamics, unless the heat produced by the fridge is vented somewhere outside the room, and because the room is basically a closed system, the net change in temperature will make the room hotter :( I was only really saying that as a joke.

Julie MacLeod said...

well, I didn't really think you were going to leave the fridge door would probably overheat and breakdown (obviously I was joking too) :p

Steve Dinn said...

Yeah, but it's not my fridge. If it would work, I'd do it.