Monday, January 29, 2007

My first burlesque show

Miss C. of Pink Velvet BurlesqueSaturday night, I did something I had never done before. It wasn't because I thought it was a bad idea, just that I hadn't gotten around to it. I went to a burlesque show at the Seahorse. I was promised beautiful women and breasts covered by nothing but the smallest of pasties.

I wasn't disappointed.

Several of the girls from the Pink Velvet Burlesque troupe performed and it was everything that I hoped it could be -- in a public place. If, when you were growing up, and your mom always watched figure skating on television, and since there was only one TV in the house, you had no choice but to watch it with her, but you had no interest in figure skating, so all you could do was fantasize about the women in tight outfits with blades on their feet, then burlesque is a natural progression.

I'm not sure what kind of (proverbial) balls it takes to get up on a stage while barely clothed with no expectation that people in the audience are going to throw money at you, but these girls have got 'em. There was really nothing strip-club-skanky about the whole was just hot.

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