Monday, January 29, 2007

I got a letter and a new card from MasterCard

MasterCardCompletely out of the blue, I received this letter from MasterCard today, complete with a new card with a new number:
Dear Customer,

At MasterCard, we are constantly working to protect our cardholders from credit card fraud. In connection with a recent investigation, we have reason to believe that your MasterCard #---- ---- ---- ---- may have been compromised. This means that your card number may have become known to an unauthorized person(s).

Although there is no evidence of fraud on your account, we feel it prudent to replace your existing card to avoid any potential misuse. Attached please find a replacement card with a new number. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this matter may cause you and appreciate your understanding.
Hrm...this really makes me wonder what the hell happened to my card number. They have attached an FAQ section to the bottom of the letter stating, "Due to an ongoing investigation, we are not able to specify how, when, or where your card was compromised, however, we can confirm that it was not at MasterCard."

Update: I spoke to a MasterCard representative on the phone to activate my new card (on the activation website, neither my old card number nor my new card number would let me in), and he told me that it was Winners/HomeSense who recently had their customer information stolen. Apparently anyone who used a credit card at Winners or Homesense between April and September of 2006 has had their card number compromised.

Now I have to update all of my automatic bills to use my new credit card number, not to mention PayPal, and countless other websites on which I have an account. Fuck you criminals. Fuck you right in the ear.

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