Thursday, November 30, 2006

MySpace is a scourge (to tabbed browsing)

The worst thing about MySpace isn't the ugliness of the site. It isn't the fact that it's horribly slow. For anybody who uses tabbed browsing regularly, it's got to be the music player that starts playing as soon as the page loads.

I can appreciate the use of MySpace for discovering bands that I haven't heard before, but I often want to click on somebody's friends and open them up in new tabs for me to peruse at my leisure. If any of them have music players, they will all start playing. <sarcasm>And nothing sounds as awesome as 4 completely different songs playing at once.</sarcasm>

Why can't the song play after I click play? I don't have a "music" myspace account, but if this is a setting, I'm going to start cursing every band who doesn't turn it off.

Image courtesy of xkcd, a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.

Also, does it piss anyone else off that the retarded graphical madness that goes on in myspace's music player has absolutely nothing to do with the shit that's playing? They look like VU meters, but they correspond in no way to the actual output levels.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm going to be on commandN

Jeff MacArthur, one of the co-hosts of commandN came by my house tonight to film a segment about audio podcasting for their next episode.

Jeff does the techTIPS segment for commandN, and along with his sister Amber MacArthur, and a few friends, they kick out a 15-minute-long, tech-centric video of news, tips, and web-picks every week.

Be sure to check it out. Jeff tells me that my episode will be on the web on Monday (December 4th).

Monday, November 27, 2006

New condom technology

Who would have thought that they could improve on the condom? I mean, everybody knows they suck, but they do the job, right?

I must admit, I haven't thought about it much myself, but you wouldn't think there was much room to advance in prophylactic technology, but then there it is, a huge fucking advance (no pun intended) in prophylactic technology.

FREE Shotgun and Jaybird Tickets

For anyone who doesn't typically read the Spine Radio blog, I'm posting this on the main page because in this week's show I'm giving away two free passes to the Shotgun and Jaybird show on December 9th.

You're dumb if you don't try and go. My company holiday party is that night, and I'm still going to try to go. Shotgun and Jaybird are worth paying to go see, and you could do it for free, I can't imagine why you wouldn't.

Listen to the show for instructions on how to cash in. Check out Shotgun and Jaybird's MySpace for examples of what you'll miss if you don't go.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Random thought

Body parts are like remote controls: They cost almost nothing to produce, but they're very expensive to replace.

Selling vintage computers on Ebay

I am selling some vintage computers on Ebay right now. If you're in the market for some museum pieces or just looking for a better doorstop, go on and take a look at my auctions. If you're in Halifax, I'll deliver them to you for free.

Just think, YOU could own the machine that launched my career as a software developer, the Commodore Vic 20. At the tender age of 5, I wrote my first line of BASIC on that very keyboard. Or you could proudly display your very own MacQuarium made from the MacIntosh Plus. The possibilities are endless.

Bid Now!
Commodore Vic 20 head unit only untested
Apple MacIntosh Plus with 20SC external hard drive
Commodore Vic 20 with TV adapter and manual

Monday, November 20, 2006

Sounds re-instated after IE 7 upgrade

I recently upgraded to IE 7 thanks to Windows Update. I thought everyone could benefit from something that I noticed after I started using it for a while.

The machine I upgraded was the one I use to record the Spine Radio and Podcasts on. If you noticed in the latest episode of Spine Radio that there were a couple of beeps and clicks, then you'll know what I'm about to complain about.

I had my system sounds turned off; "No Sounds" was the profile that I had chosen. After installing IE 7, it had gone ahead and added all explorer's sounds back again -- very annoying. Definitely something to be aware of if you use your PC for recording things.

CCTV Cameras + Google Video = Halifax's next income source

I've been thinking about the new video camera that Halifax has focused on the corner of Grafton and Blowers, "Pizza Corner" for us locals. Cameras are great for capturing all the stupid shit we do -- especially when we're drunk. And where do most drunken videos end up?

YouTube. Or basically, due to the recent 1.6 billion dollar acquisition, what the internet is calling "GooTube".

Now that the concept of revenue sharing has been introduced for videos on Google Video, the City of Halifax should take advantage of all the closed circuit TV cameras in the downtown area, and get some of the content up on the web for the rest of us to enjoy and laugh at. This might do more to discourage vandalism and crime, when the potential criminals know that there could be millions of eyes watching them break the law. Of course it might encourage people to show off for the cameras as well, but at the very least, Halifax can make a quick cash grab from one of the most lucrative sources on the web: Google Ads.

Monday, November 13, 2006

My photos on

The rumours are true -- I'm all kinds of new media. Not only do I have a mean radio voice, but I take a wicked photo as well. A couple of my photos from the Halifax Pop Explosion were used for a feature on the Pop Explosion by Left Hip Magazine.

Monday, November 6, 2006


About once a year, I go on a hunt for a pair of headphones. Last year, I picked up a Sennheiser HD570 set. I found them to be a great pair for home listening, but they're not exactly what I'd call 'portable'. I also bought some inexpensive cans for the Spine Radio Studios, but they're hardly ideal.


What I'd really like to find is a set of headphones that can block most of the ambient sound so that I can only hear what I'm monitoring. More than once I've tried to record a rock show, and I only found out afterwards that my recording was crap -- I couldn't distinguish between my recording and the actual show, and the levels were completely overloaded. I only have a little MP3 player to record on, and I suppose the real solution is to buy a proper solid-state recorder with VU meters and other indications that the recording was peaking, but those are generally pretty expensive.

My other problem is that my head is just fucking huge. This presents two issues with the majority of headphones out there today. Headphones that fit other people constantly squeeze my head and give me massive headaches if I wear them for any appreciable amount of time. Headphones that don't cover the entire ear are just uncomfortable.

Those HD-570s I talked about before completely cover my entire ear, and are actually very comfortable for me. Does anyone know if there is a "closed" style of those? Closed, as opposed to open style, is important, because when you have a microphone in your face, and headphones on your ears, sound can bleed back into the mic. While this doesn't cause the feedback squeal that having your speakers & mic on at the same time would, it'll give you a weird sounding reverb.

I don't expect anyone else has these problems, but on the off chance that somebody does, what did you do?