Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Eastlink wireless trial

For a while now, I've been noticing wireless hotspots around downtown called "Eastlink WiFi Trial #16" or something like that. I've tried connecting to them, but to no avail. Well, just today, I got an email from eastlink:
Dear EastLink Customer,

EastLink is currently conducting a Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) trial in various locations throughout the Halifax peninsula.

In order for our Wi-Fi trial to be successful, it's important that we receive feedback from our customers. As a valued EastLink High Speed Internet customer, we would like to extend the invitation for you to participate in this innovative trial and provide your feedback to us about the service.

If you have a laptop or PDA that is wireless compatible you can access the service. Since it's in a test phase, the signal could be intermittent and technical support will not be available. Customers should note this connection is not secure and therefore, caution should be exercised when exchanging or accessing personal information.

While there is no cost to you for accessing this service, we request that you provide a response to our brief on-line survey and offer feedback about your experiences. The survey is designed to gather information on who used the service and why (i.e. work, recreation, educational). To view coverage areas, visit http://wifi.eastlink.ca.

Thank you and we hope you will enjoy EastLink's Wi-Fi trial.


Ian Lezama
Director of Marketing

Friday, March 24, 2006

WTF is up with iTunes?

So, I picked up an iPod last week (which I'm still planning to blog about later, a little more in-depth) with my tax return money, and I decided to give iTunes a go as my primary music player. I know I always seem to have these fucked up problems, but this one is fairly extreme. My normal, everyday MP3s play all fucked up in iTunes, and only in iTunes. They play just fine in Winamp, Windows Media Player, and on the iPod itself.

Has anyone ever experienced this? If you know anybody that can help me out, I'm running iTunes on Windows XP Professional with SP2. I'm usually the guy to answer people's technical questions, not ask them, but I'm really stumped in this case.

Edit: I was finally able to fix the problem after being pointed to this support article on apple.com.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Me on Electric Circus

I didn't want this video to get lost, so I stuck it up on YouTube.com. It's from back in 1999 when I was on electric circus:

Anti-war protest hits downtown Halifax

Apparently some people were planning a big anti-war protest for Saturday around noon. I was just coming out of the farmer's market as it was getting started, so naturally, I whipped out my trusty camera and started taking pictures and a video. Sorry about the quality of the video, it looks much better on my computer than on YouTube.

After they walked past me on Lower Water Street, I went to get my car, but I lost them. However, I was pretty sure they'd head for Spring Garden Road, since that's where they'd cause the most disruption. I beat them there and got some more photos ;)

St. Patrick's Day 2006

What a blast I had on St. Patrick's Day. It started off with breakfast at the Old Triangle. I got there at 07h55, and the place was already packed. Brent joined me soon after that, and we sat down for a bite. Being as crowded as it was, it took a while before one of the wait staff even brought us menus. After that, we waited about 30 minutes, and nobody ever spoke to us again. I flagged down the next person I saw, and explained the situation. Luckily, it happened to be one of the owners of the place and he really got the ball rolling for us ;) About 3 minutes later, we were eating bacon and eggs and drinking Guinness.

Then I had to go to work :(

After work, we headed to the Fife and Drum, the hotel bar of the Casino Nova Scotia Hotel. It was also quite full, but thankfully, we had some intrepid seat-savers working for us. The Guiness flowed until around 22h30, when the more sober among us migrated to Gus' Pub to hear the band of a friend of a friend that was playing there.

Around midnight, we went for pizza and called it a night.

PodcastStPaddysDay2006.mp3(audio/mpeg)2.6 MB[ Download ]

Friday, March 17, 2006

Capsaicin cures prostate cancer

Holy flamin' hoop, Batman! Reuters is reporting on a study that concluded Hot peppers kill prostate cancer cells. In the war of capsaicin (the chemical that makes peppers hot) vs. prostate cancer cells, the hot stuff won 80% of the time. That's huge.

However, 95% of men said they'd rather have prostate cancer than squeeze a habanero up their fudge tunnel.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Our little Flashy is getting married

Congratulations to Spine.cx's own Flashy and Triad who are getting married sometime in April. Sorry, but I forget the exact date. Here, Flashy looks absolutely absorbing in her TP wedding dress:

Superfriendz @ the Grawood

For anyone who didn't attend the Superfriendz show at the Grawood this past Saturday night, you missed a good show. I took some pictures. I also picked up their original cassette release "Sticktoitiveness", which they re-released on CD, and their 2003 release "Love Energy" which I didn't even know existed until now.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Danko Jones - Sleep is the Enemy

I picked up an actual CD for the first time in a long while this week. Every time I heard that Danko Jones has put out a new album, I just have to pick it up. The last one was non-stop rock fest of epic proportions, and their new one, Sleep is the Enemy is much of the same. It is hard-driving, solid-core, rock and roll from start to finish. It's well-produced, great-sounding, and adjective-hyphenated.

I have sent off an email to the only online contact I could find to try and secure permission to play a song or two on the podcast, so hopefully I'll hear back soon, so you can all get a taste.

In summary, buy this album.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Google Calendar is coming

You had to think this was coming. Google is developing a web calendering application that will be closely integrated with Gmail. I'm psyched. There really hasn't been a great solution for a calendar that is available on the internet. The closest so far has been 30Boxes.com, but I have high hopes for "CL2" (the project's code name).

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Maternity Leave (Fucking CTV)

Fucking CTV. Why would you change the time of the best show that you have on your fucking station? Why would you force me to find out about this change in time by accident? If it weren't for getting my television shows from the internet, I would be that much more pissed off at you.

Anyway, Maternity Leave. This show gave us a shit ton of insight into some long-running questions like "What happened to Claire when she was kidnapped by Ethan?" "Was Ethan affiliated with the Zeke and the guys on the boat?" "Is Rousseau's daughter Alex still with the Others?" Tremendous.

Edit - This article also has the prestigous honour of being article #1000 on spine.cx. Neat.

Because of fucking CTV, I missed the first 15 minutes of this episode, but from what I understand, it just set the stage for what was to come, and wasn't extremely critical. The important things to note is that Aaron (Claire's baby) gets sick, and Claire starts to remember things that happened to her when she was kidnapped.

As she starts to remember, we experience the memories as flashbacks -- the first flashbacks we've yet seen that actually occur on the island. Rousseau shows up and Kate comes along, and the show basically turns into a big celebration of girl power. Which is fine, because they're hot. Claire remembers that before she got on the plane (or maybe she just thought it was then, because she was pretty drugged up), ETHAN injected her with some 'medicine' for her baby. She also has some rapid-fire flashbacks showing that they injected her (and baby) with some sort of shit (looking suspiciously like the stuff that Desmond injected himself with in the season premiere), and she thinks that finding out just what that is might be a good thing. Also, is it just me, or is Libby getting hotter?

Kate, Claire and Rousseau take off to find Claire's elusive 'medicine', and as they walk, Claire remembers more and more and eventually remembers where the entrance is to A NEW DHARMA HATCH!!! This one has the familiar octagonal logo, only with the medicinal symbol on there.

The best thing though, is that we find out that Zeke and his rag-tag band of Others are really just normal people with fake beards and Relic hats. It's also interesting to note that all the planes on the mobile of airplanes above the baby's crib were from Oceanic Airlines.

Questions for the next episode: Why was the Dharma Medical hatch abandoned? Was it just me, or was the guy in the vault in the hatch REALLY fucking with Locke? He's trying the ol', "You're not going to let that other guy boss you around" ploy to try to turn Jack and Locke against each other...something they probably would have done on their own if it weren't for Sawyer stealing the guns. How the fuck did Eko know about the prisoner in the hatch? Dharma hatches: 3 down, 3 to go.

This show really got me excited again about the mythos of Lost. We just need another show about the black smoke and it'll all be back on track.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Public hearings on buildings extended

They are extended the public hearings on the two buildings proposed for the old tex-park site. There will be another hearing on next Tuesday, March 7th. Anyone else feel like going down and voicing an opinion?

I just heard some of the opposition to these buildings on Information Morning and I was overcome by rage at the lack of vision of some of these people. Maybe we'll kick in a Sunday shopping dig while we're there, eh? :)