Thursday, January 26, 2006

Stephen Harper is weird

I'm watching the news last night, and inevitably, there is a story about Stephen Harper, and how he's the prime minister designate and about to take office and everything. That's all well and good. The weird part comes when they show a shot of him dropping his kids off at school, and as they're about to go inside, he shakes their hands.

Who the fuck shakes their kids hands?! Seriously, if you're not going to give your kids a hug, don't bother to fucking shake their hands, it just makes you look like an even bigger douche than you already are. He and his wife have probably had sex exactly twice: one for each child. They also probably sleep in seperate beds like on Leave it to Beaver.

Fire and Ice

Overall, I think this was a fairly boring episode, but I think we can glean some fairly significant revelations from it, the least of which being Charlie's background. I think this episode, even though it seemed to center around Charlie, was really alluding to something else entirely.

I don't want to spoil anybody, so click inside for the full story.

So, if Charlie's not using heroin, and we have no reason to assume that he did use, why the fuck is he having crazy-vivid hallucinations? The only other time I can remember something simliar happening to anybody on the island was when Boone hurt himself and Locke made this salve out of some plants and shit. Boone had this wacko island acid trip not dissimilar to Charlie's. So, my theory is that Locke slipped Charlie some of the crazy salve somehow, maybe made more potent by the heroin (I'm sure he knew about it long before he "found" it in this episode...Locke is just like that).

Why would Locke want to do that? Well, I don't think I blogged about it, but one of my thoughts about Locke is that he has no allegiance to the other crash survivors. He's totally into the island, and he'd do whatever the island asked him to do. The island is his god. I forsee that sometime in the future Locke is going to defect to the Others. Now, I'll ask again, why would Locke want to drug Charlie? I think the answer is that he wanted to do exactly what he did, make Charlie lose face in front of Claire. Locke is subtly trying to work his way in with Claire in order to eventually take Aaron himself. He'll justify it by telling himself, "It's for the island." This will ultimately lead to a confrontation of the "Man of Faith" (Locke) vs. the "Man of Science" (Jack) and the other Man of Faith (Eko).

Furthermore, why is Locke keeping the heroin locked up in the safe? Why doesn't he just destroy it? Maybe he really likes porcelain statues? And why did he change the combination to the safe? Who knew that combination besides him and Jack?

Another curious happening in this episode was Hurley and Libby's conversation. If Libby was in the tail section of the plane, and Hurley was in the front section, and Hurley was the last person on the plane, then how did Hurley step on Libby's foot? I think Libby is lying, but I'm not sure why.

Why in the hell is Eko marking trees? I have no idea.

I have heard through the grape vine that there is no new episode next week, but instead they will be re-broadcasting "The Numbers" episode. The new episode in two weeks will apparently be closely related to that.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I have the biggest ego on the internet

According to, I outrank just about everybody else with whatever criteria they use to determine ego. I think it has to do with how many search results for Steve Dinn come back with links.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Election Babble

I took the test on and I found myself to be quite left-leaning. But the more I listen to and read about what the NDP have to say this time around, the more I find myself wanting to vote Liberal again.

I would definately rather have a party in power that knows who its corrupt members are than a party that just hasn't found them yet.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Two-Tiered Milk

I was in the grocery store today to pick up some milk, and I found that when I got to the cooler there was something different...something I did not expect. There was a new type of milk, and I wasn't in the loop. I don't like it when this sort of shit goes down in my fucking grocery store and I don't know about it. What the fuck is the purpose of all those fliers I get every week if they're not going to let me know about new types of milk?

WTF is "Farmers Choice"? I think this province is moving towards a two-tiered milk system. The rich will get the "choice" milk while the rest of us will have to settle for the crap.

So, I did some research, and as it turns out, Farmers Choice is a type of milk with some crazy Omega crap in it, and it costs 50 cents more per carton.

If I were an alarmist, I would say that we now have a two-tiered milk system. The rich pay their extra 50 cents and get their crazy Omega-nutrient, and the rest of us stay with the old cow juice and whatever crazy disease that Omega crap stops you from getting.

I, for one, welcome our new OmegaCow overlords.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

The opening of Sensations

Matt, Jay, and I checked out the grand opening of Sensations last night. The protesters were there in spades sporting some nice signs. There were supporters there too, which was nice to see. We waited outside in line for about 20 minutes. I'm sure they made us wait just so the news crews would not just be filming protesters because it wasn't that crowded inside.

I had never been inside any of the other incarnations of this bar (Crazy Horse, Little Nashville), but it was nicer inside than Ralph's. I hope it does well. There were more people around in that area of town than I had ever seen before. I can't help but think the bar will be good for surrounding businesses.

Monitor envy

I just got a new monitor, and I'm very happy with it. However, as happy as I am, I am still easily made jealous when I see pictures like this.. This dude can go to hell :) I can't imagine how much all that cost...especially since it's all Apple brand stuff, except for that lonely Dell in the corner.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The 23rd Psalm

It’s good to finally get a new episode of Lost after what was an agonizing break over Christmas with nothing. Lots of interesting things happened in the episode. We see the monster, we get an Eko flashback, and there are even some Sawyer shots for the ladies.

I would really like to pick up the Lost podcast that I was doing before, and I’ve been talking to Matt about doing it with me. So, if you enjoyed the first one, then there may be more coming.

Don’t click into this story if you haven’t seen the show on 11 January 2006 and don’t want spoilers.

Charlie’s heroin statue comes back into play. I’ve been waiting for them to delve into that issue again. I think Claire’s being a bit of a bitch about the whole thing though…I mean, obviously things in Charlie’s life have changed a bit since, oh, I don’t know, BEING STRANDED ON A FUCKING DESERTED ISLAND. I think she should give him a break. He’s always had Aaron’s best interests at heart. But at the same time, it did seem quite curious that he has a stash of a pile of Mary statues in a hole. Fucking wanker.

Mr. Eko rocks. I had heard that we were going to get to see a flashback of him and I was really looking forward to it. There were rumours floating around for a while that he was involved with the Nigerian drug plane, but they were pretty much quashed when the episode “The Other 48 Days” showed that he was, in fact, on Flight 815. I was happy to see that he was kicking ass right from childhood. Mr. Eko is one bad dude, and that’s just the way it is. He’s one of my favourite characters in the show along with Locke.

Finally, we get to see the monster that’s been terrorizing the inhabitants of the island from the day they got there. To be fair, we have seen it before, but it was not clear that the black smoke that appeared to be pulling Locke into a sinkhole in the jungle was the same thing that was chasing the islanders around all the time and devouring pilots. This explains why Locke was not afraid when he was being pulled down the hole in Season 1. He had seen the creature before. He faced it – stared it down. Interesting to see how Locke and Eko had the exact same reaction when faced with the creature. I think these two have very much in common, that we aren’t quite aware of just yet.

Michael asked to Locke to allow him access to the guns in the hatch. Then he asked to take Kate’s shift watching the numbers, and of course, he goes and tries to fucking MSN Walt again. Seriously, WTF. Where the hell does he think the other end of this reject computer from the 1970s is? This isn’t exactly Messenger we’re talking about here. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the last thing that Walt (if it really was Walt) types to Michael. We know that he wants Michael to come and get him, but is it really one of the Others? I think next episode we’ll see Michael going off half-cocked in a solo attempt to save Walt like a fucking retard. I noted that on IMDB, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje has been added to the cast, but Malcolm David Kelley has been marked as 2004 – 2005. Does this mean that we’ve seen the last of Walt? Even creepy wet Walt in spooky visions? I guess time will tell.

Monday, January 9, 2006

My wierd-shit-o-meter is pegged

My computer bit me. I was picking up my server machine, and I guess I caught my finger on a sharp piece of metal because I sliced 'er right open. Bled like a sonofabitch. Now that sucked, but it wasn't even the weirdest part. I went to my dad's for supper that night, and I found out that both my brother and my dad had both cut their fingers that day as well. That's weird. I guess things really do happen in threes.

My brother had a similar injury to me...seems working with computers is inherently dangerous. My dad actually had to get 5 stitches after slicing up the side of his finger on the jagged edge of an opened can.

Speaking my dad's injury, it was purely because of the kind of can-opener he used. It slices the entire top off the can, including the rim, rather than just opening it. I don't know, it's hard to describe, but I think you can see what I'm getting at. I will never use the kind that cuts the entire top off the can because I thought the edge it left was quite unsafe...turns out I was correct.