Friday, February 25, 2005

A visit to the doctor

For the first time in around 10 years I felt sick enough to make an appointment to see a doctor. Honestly, the last doctor I went to that wasn't in an emergency room was my pediatrician.

What can possibly have been so bad as to prompt me to take these drastic measures? Well, I could barely swallow (no jokes please). My tonsils were the size of red, pulsating, golf balls. I was going to take a picture, but I thought that would be too much. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the PAIN. Usually these things just go away after about a week (or less), but this one stuck around; with a vengance.

I try not to take a lot of drugs (save alcohol and caffeine of course), especially antibiotics, because I'm paranoid about one day the world being taken over by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This is also why I am against all the hand-sanitizers and the anti-microbial soaps and all that junk.

Bacteria are out there and we're going to come into contact with them, there's no doubt of that. I think it's better that we experience that and let our antibodies build up our immune systems like they're supposed to. If you can do something naturally, then it's got to be better than pumping your body full of drugs.

I get why we need to sterlize operating theatres, it's not like I'm advocating the ban of these anti-microbial solutions, but operating, cutting someone open, isn't exactly what I'd call natural.

Just don't chop your vegetables on a raw chicken and for the most part, you'll be fine.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Fire in Fairview

This guy has some pretty good photos of the fire that ravaged that apartment building in Fairview on Sunday.

Photo by Shaun Lowe

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Why aren't there bathroom standards?

Toothbrush handles have been getting conspicuously girthier in past years, but the diameter of the holes in toothbrush holders hasn't kept pace. Toothbrushes are fat (phat?). It's getting so it's hard to find a "normal" toothbrush anymore.

It's not even that I mind the fat brushes; they fit better in your hand. But I'm relegated to using a cup to hold them.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Goodbye to the Wave?

I was reading in the Halifax Herald today that due to renovation of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and Sackville Landing park, they may be tearing down the Wave. That sculpture that you climbed on as a kid (or maybe still) may soon be no more.

I get why. People climb on that thing all the time, and I guess the city could be liable for any injuries sustained. Still, I think it sucks. That sculpture defines that part of the waterfront. This excerpt from the article really surprised me though...

Skateboarders are also known to use it as a ramp, while baby strollers, bicycles and even a unicycle have been spotted wheeling up and down.

Baby strollers? Who the hell are these irresponsible parents wheeling their young up sharp inclines onto 3.7 meter high sculptures?

And who can get away with calling that oversized slab of concrete a park? Shouldn't a park have some semblance of grass?

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Party at the Frosst's. I think my body is rejecting it.

Oh my. Alcohol is evil. I've suspected it for some time, but now my hypothesis has been confirmed. I just can't seem to handle it like I used to. Drinking the measuring cup full of rum didn't help, I'm sure.

Ray, Jeanine and I had planned to go skiing in the morning, but that turned out to be not practial nor possible as I was still drunk when I woke up. It's 11:08 now, and we still haven't ventured off of the couch. Watching Mythbusters and drinking tea seems much easier on my body.

Friday, February 11, 2005 shut down, one of the few remaining big torrent sites has been shut down by the MPAA. Makes me really glad I live in Canada. Good thing the majority of the torrent sites out there are not in North America.

As long as I can get my TV shows, I'm happy. How's this for irony: I cancelled my cable, because I can download my television shows using the internet service that my cable company provides.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Razor blades

How much does it really cost to make a razor blade? Per ounce, they must be more valuable than gold. I do not understand how 8 blades can come to more than $20. Granted, I'm buying them for my Mach 3, and those are probably the most expensive ones out there, but I think they do give you the best shave.

You'd think they could make them last longer too, all they're cutting is hair. I've had a pair of scissors for many years, and they still cut everything just fine, no sharpening! Razor blades seem to dull enough to scrape the hell out of your face in less than a week.

It's a scam, I'm telling you. Gillette just merged with Proctor and Gamble in a $57 Billion deal. Razors are big business. gets rewritten

Over the past few days, I've been working on a new code stream for Something not so cluttered and encumbered with PHPNuke code that I never really used anyway.

So far, it's mostly functional. You can post blog entries and comments. I posted this message from the new beta site. You can check it out if you want. Use the same username/password that you do for the normal

Please let me know what you think!

Update! I've changed the database to reflect the "blogging" paradigm on the beta site. Anyone who has ever submitted an article to is now credited as being the primary author, and now has that post in their blog.

I am also thinking about changing the way works. Think about this: Each user now has his or her own weblog. People can post to their own weblogs, and the more interesting articles can get chosen to be displayed on the main page as well. I think that would be a pretty cool way to go.

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

So, they're going to do another bridge study

Sometimes I just don't understand what goes on in the minds of politicians. From things as big as the "war on terror", to things in Canada like the sponsorship scandal, to right here at home with the commissioning of a $65k study for find out that there's traffic on the bridges. Brilliant!

I really think the solution will ultimately come down to Halifax having a public transit system on par with other major cities. I don't know if not having a subway is going to hurt is detrimentally in the long run, but it sure seems like it would have been a good idea now. If the existing transit system was half decent (i.e., not having to wait for your bus for the better part of an hour, and when it gets there not having it be as crowded as free donut day at the fat farm) then more people would use it. The more people that use it, the less cars would be on the road.

Have you ever noticed how many cars driving during rush hour have only one person in them? That's insane! I'm guilty of it myself, of course, but it really doesn't make much sense. Not to mention the cost of parking.

User 'blog functionality

For all you kids who like to 'blog, now has a solution for you. Check out the box on the left side with the red title bar. You can post all you want, and you'll have a section of the website to call your very own, complete with hierarchical comments, just like the stories on the main page. You also get your own rss feed at no extra charge. When you're looking at your blog, just tack on "&op=rss" to the URL, like this. From time to time, I may even select a story posted in a 'blog to be featured on the main page.

I don't know how popular this feature will be with users, but the kids sure seem to like their 'blogs these days.

Monday, February 7, 2005

Best new show on TV this season

So, what do I think is the best new show on TV this season? House, M.D. It's kind of like a cross between CSI and E.R. Every week, they have a patient with a mysterious illness and the doctors use their noggins to solve the case.

But the best part of the show isn't the plot, nor the detective work, nor the medical setting. The thing that makes the show is the Dr. House character. He is the single most surly, cynical, bastard of a man that has ever graced the small screen. This alone makes the show worth watching. Merely viewing the man and his constant stream of sarcasm and insults are enough to entertain me to no end. My only hope is that they can keep the show fresh. Here's to a second season of House M.D.