Thursday, April 15, 2004

Hardware failures

Of all the pieces of hardware in a computer that could possibly fail, the most annoying is a hard drive. Guess what piece of hardware in my computer is in the process of failing? Hey, you got it. I bet that didn't take more than two guesses.

About two weeks ago, I bought a 160 Gb drive from Futureshop because they had a kick ass mail-in rebate deal. Anyway, it cost me only $170. I set it up (in software) with the 160 Gb drive I already had as a 320 Gb striped array. Fantastic. Until the new drive started giving me read errors.

I had just finished the laborious process of transferring over one hundred gigs of crap off of my previous drives and onto the new striped array. That took basically a whole day of watching progress bars. Now I have to do it all again, only this time, I have to go "pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease" everytime it starts a new file hoping against hope that it doesn't fail. There is nothing worse than losing data.

Once I get all the data off that I can get, it's back to Futureshop to see about getting a replacement. I don't have the package anymore (they make them such that you can't get the damn drive out without destroying them), but I do still have the label; I was just about to send in that mail-in rebate, you know. I have high hopes that they will still take it back, because the magic 30 days have not yet passed and it is defective, after all.

Wish me luck.

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