Thursday, August 28, 2003

Springtime Fall = new roommate

So it seems that every year for the last 4, the spring fall brings with it the promise of a new roommate for Steve. This year, it's my friend Brent Rockwood. He's a computer guy too, and he's bringing with him all sorts of hardware and wireless networkingly good things. I'm excited.

Together we will form a geek stronghold the likes of which have never been seen! And we will call ourselves Tenacious D! No, wait...I think somebody has that name. Well, whatever.

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Nigerians get wise

For the first time in months, a Nigerian spam email has broken through my spam filter. It seems they finally got wise to the fact that we're basically ignoring and/or ridiculing them so they decided to write a new template for spam. It has similar elements to the original Nigerian Spam, but it's different enough so that my spam filter didn't count a single hit against it.

You can read it below.

Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 21:20:27 -0600
From: aaeezie tobby <>
Subject: good home needed


I wish to use this medium to introduce myself and express my Client's desire buy a living house in your country.I am Aaeezie Henry Tobby an Attorney in Nigeria and my client is looking for a trust worthy man that take care of his future investments overseas.He is a former Liberian Director Auditing & Accounting Department of Ministry of Defence Headquarters presently on assylum in Nigeria.

If you know that you can help,get to me and so that I will give you the necessray information that will enable us to proceed.Once you have contacted me,you should bear in mind that it should be confidential and private.

Barr.Aaeezie Henry Tobby N/B.Bear in mind that it is not only house that he wishes to buy and you shall be compensated adequately for your help.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

New sections to the website

So there are parts to PHPNuke that I've never used yet, but I think I might start. Mike has written a review of a video game he's bought recently. and I have integrated the subway thing into the main site. They're there, and I don't presently take advantage of them, so I said, what the hell?

You can also get links to these things in a little box on the left side, below the calendar thingys.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Ryan & Sarah's housewarming

Photos from the kick-ass party I was at on the weekend past. There was much beer. I think I drank most of it, or at least that's the way it felt. I took some photos.

There were a number of people there I didn't know, which was cool. Too many parties I go to now have all the same yokels that I see everyday. There definately needs to be some new faces in the photo gallery. Gotta mix it up. Gotta keep it interesting.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Nova Scotia International Air Show

Those of you who are in the know will already be aware that the Nova Scotia International Air Show is taking place at CFB Shearwater on September 6th and 7th. It's usually a good time, and it looks like they've actually put some effort into planning it this year. Hopefully it will actually be sunny for this event -- not like the dripping-sky ass weather that we've had for the past week.

Might be a great place to organize a flash mob. I say we do it near the Americans with the large guns.

Monday, August 11, 2003 is two!

Today is the second anniversary of when I installed PHPNuke on and made it the site it is today. Since then, there have been just over 730,000 page views, 3000 comments, and 6300 forum posts. Thanks for putting up with the ads and all that garbage. The site has grown a hell of a lot in the last year, and hopefully, it'll grow even more in the next.

Shout outs to all you playas with the low user IDs and the high post counts ;)

Two weddings in as many weeks

One on July 26th, another on August 2nd. I'm actually kind of flattered that I got invited to two weddings. I would like to wish Peter and Ian the best of luck in their new states of matrimony.

I took some pictures at Peter's wedding, but at Ian's, I forgot my camera :( Don't forget to comment and rate those photos!

Sunday, August 3, 2003

Camping in the rain sucks

So, as the title of this article suggests, this weekend, I was camping in the rain and experienced the full magnitude of suck. Thankfully, I was sleeping in the Element and I stayed quite dry -- at least while I slept.

Friday night we sat and drank around a fire. Saturday, it was raining, so we decided to go into town and catch a movie. We saw American Wedding. It was very funny and I highly recommend it to anyone who liked the first two. This one is even more "Stifler-centric". Saturday night we sat and drank around a fire.

I also attended the wedding of a friend and coworker of mine, Ian Frosst whom you should all encourage to post more often because he has some completely nonsensical points of view that I'm sure would make S2K's head spin ;) It was a nice ceremony, but it was on the far edge of Upper Middle Eastern Bumblefuck.

I have never seen as much food as I saw at this wedding. Seeing as the majority of their family is vegetarian, they are to be commended for having such a varied array of meat and meat products available. This barbecue wasn't simply hot dogs and hamburgers, but rather succulent steaks and marinated chicken breasts. Delicious.

And the desserts! I nearly went into a diabetic coma. They were so good. I hope he gets married again soon.