Tuesday, July 2, 2002

Sarah Polley - Courage

This MP3 is a cover of a Tragically Hip song that I'm sure everyone knows, "Courage". The singer is none other than the star of "Road to Avonlea", that spinoff of the "Anne of Green Gables" show produced by CBC. Yep, it's Sarah Polley, a good Canadian in her own right. Since Canada Day is in July, I thought that Canadian music would be appropriate for this month. Download the song here.

You'll notice I said "month of July". I'm changing the MP3 of the Week to the MP3 of the Month. 12 MP3s instead of 52 is much easier on everything :)

1 comment:

The Geek said...

Looking to download this song but can't find it anywhere on the net--I'm a good little music purchaser and am willing to pay for the track, but it's nowhere to be found... Do you have any hints on where I could find it?