Tuesday, August 5, 2008

SappyFest '08

Eric's TripThis past weekend, I had the privilege of attending SappyFest for the third year running. I got to see bands ranging from Miracle Fortress to Old Man Luedecke, and of course, the venerable Eric's Trip, re-uniting once again to grace the crowds with their noise and melodies. Good times, great bands, and an awesome festival. How can you beat a festival that brings in a micro-brewer and sells beer for only $3? It's not even worth trying to smuggle it in at that price.

The photo is one I took while behind the stage in the main tent set up on Bridge Street in Sackville, New Brunswick. Check out the rest of my SappyFest photos on Flickr.

The only bad part of the entire weekend was on Sunday morning. I walked to my car in the morning (well, in reality it was more like the afternoon) to find that somebody had hit it while it was parked. My radiator had been punctured, its contents evacuated, and I wouldn't be able to drive the car home; I had it towed to a garage. I ended up getting a ride home with a friend and leaving my car in Sackville because I was unable to contact an insurance adjuster from TD Meloche Monnex. I thought they always had people on call for situations like this.

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