Saturday, March 29, 2008


I've finally decided to actually do some of the things that I have always talked about doing to my home. After all, I bought it nearly 10 years ago, and I have barely touched it since then, save my theatre room in the basement. It was a hard decision to come by; it's definitely a lot of money, but I have to look at it as an investment in my home, rather than an expense; otherwise, I may never do it :)

Kent Building Supplies had a big sale this weekend; buy one can of paint, get one free, so Julie and I spent last night picking out colours. This was perhaps a bit hasty and a bit ambitious, but I think it's going to work out well. We hit the store as early as we could this morning, and I had a chat with one of the "designers" in the paint department. A new colour was picked for the upstairs bathroom, but for the most part, she thought the choices were pretty good.

Coming home with 11 cans of paint, 18 packages of bamboo flooring, a new fibreglass step-ladder, and a bunch of other
crap in the back of my Element was pretty interesting. When the flooring was being loaded in, I wasn't sure if it could handle it all. The boxes of flooring were just barely too long for the tailgate to be closed, but everything remained intact during the drive. Unloading all those boxes was way more fun :) 18 boxes, about 40 or 50 pounds each -- you do the math. Not to mention that they're long and skinny, and hard to get around tight corners such as those on the way into my basement from my front door.

The flooring is going to wait until we finish painting, which I think just makes good sense, but I can't wait to get it down. I am sick of the carpet that's down right now. I'm sick of carpet in general. You can't keep it clean, it gets stained, it looks like crap. It sucks. Carpet sucks. I've seen hardwood floors change the entire look of a place. That and with new paint I could have a whole new home.

I'm excited.


J9 said...

I can't wait to see the bamboo flooring. I bet it will look great!

Steve Dinn said...

Here's a photo of the actual flooring. This is a darker shade than what I actually decided on, but the grain is the same, and that is the really cool part about the bamboo.

Click here for a Flickr photo of some bamboo flooring.

Julie MacLeod said...

The flooring is really nice, and the new colors for the walls are going to really brighten the house up....I can't wait to get started! :)

Tanya Cameron said...

Damn, I missed a paint sale! Glad to hear you're finally getting the old people style out hehe